Sponsorship Forms and what to do with them.

Between now and the date of the Tournament gather as many pledges and signatures as you can from your sponsors (use the downloadable Sponsor Form to keep track of pledges and donations). As this is a charity event , try to raise as  much sponsorship as you can [£500 would be a good target to aim for]. Please note you only have to have sponsorship pledges, not the actual money by the 18th.

Which charities will benefit?

The sponsoring organisation for this tournament is the International Christian College in Glasgow who have set up the tournament to enable and encourage more voluntary youth work across Scotland but only half the funds raised will go to youth work; the other half will go to the golfer’s charity of choice.  Each player can specify a designated charity of their own choice to whom half of the sponsorship funds will go to.

How the Sponsorship Works

After the sponsorship funds have been gathered in and tournament costs have been deducted from each golfer’s sponsorship, the net proceeds will be divided equally between the designated charity [ICC’s youth work training] and the golfer’s charity of choice. ICC will then send the balance of funds along with the golfers contact details to the golfer’s designated charity so that the charity can thank the golfer personally and so that the golfer knows that the funds raised have been sent to their designated charity.